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About Me

"I've had an interesting life, to say the least. I've always been guided by Spirit, but it wasn't until my mother's passing that I became fascinated by Angel Numbers. She sent me many signs, and numbers were the most prominent. My goal is to share my wisdom and experience to help you flourish on your spiritual journey.

Prior to my journey with numbers, I lost my way. I was taught morals and faith as a child and grew into a young adult with big dreams. I created a good life and achieved many goals. However, there came a point where life got complicated, as it does for most. This led to active addiction, and everything I had built was quickly lost, which almost included my life. However, I was blessed to find recovery, which led me out of the darkness and into my spiritual awakening.

Now, I use the power of the Universe to manifest all my dreams and goals. I listen to my dreams and pay attention to signs, and it has led me on a beautiful journey of abundance and fulfillment. I want to help you find the path that will lead to harmony, peace, healing, and purpose in your life. The Universe, God, Higher Power, Source Energy - no matter the name - has big plans for you. You are loved."

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